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      Business switchboard: 027--83068186

      Address: 68 Yinbai Road, Dongxihu District, Wuhan

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      Hubei Furuilai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

      400-116-8885 National unified consultation hotline: 400-116-8885

      027--83068186 Company phone : 027--83068186

      Company (manufacturer) address: 68 Yinbai Road, Dongxihu District, Wuhan

      pdkchina.cn Website: pdkchina.cn

      各大火车站或机场坐地铁到金银湖公园站下,公司有专车接送;或提前联系公司安排司机接机或接站。 Bus route: Take the subway to Jinyinhu Park Station at each major railway station or airport. The company has a special shuttle bus; or contact the company in advance to arrange the driver to pick up or pick up the station.

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